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 25 Apps College Students Shouldn’t Live Without

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Introducing... the CAUSE OF DEATH BLOG MASTERPOST! If you're new to the Tumblr community or just want to find more blogs to follow, this list is for you! All the blogs listed are Cause of Death (by EA Games) centric. Welcome to the DEATHICATED FANDOM, and happy blogging!

The Official Cause of Death Tumblr, run by the CoD Team:
The most consistently active CoD blogs:
Cool themed and non-themed CoD blogs:
The CoD Tumblr Roleplay:
individual character blogs (feel free to interact with them; responses will be in character)

If I've missed any CoD blog that should be on the list, message me the url and I'll add it in!


Introducing... the CAUSE OF DEATH BLOG MASTERPOST! If you're new to the Tumblr community or just want to find more blogs to follow, this list is for you! All the blogs listed are Cause of Death (by EA Games) centric. Welcome to the DEATHICATED FANDOM, and happy blogging!

The Official Cause of Death Tumblr, run by the CoD Team:

The most consistently active CoD blogs:

Cool themed and non-themed CoD blogs:

The CoD Tumblr Roleplay:

If I've missed any CoD blog that should be on the list, message me the url and I'll add it in!

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 How To Write A 1-Page Synopsis


by Susan Dennard —- One thing writers hate doing but will inevitably have to do (one day or another, at least) is the Dreaded Synopsis. An agent may request it in his/her submission materials, or an editor might want it once your agent has you out on subs. My film agent needed it for shopping around Something Strange & Deadly, and I would imagine other rights-agents would want a short, simple synopsis for the same reason.

So in other words: you have to learn to do this. You need it before you’re published, and you’ll certainly need it afterwards. Specifically, you’ll need to be able to write the 1 or 2-page synopsis.

But Sooz, you say. It’s hard to boil my whole ingenious novel into a few key sentences.  To convey the depth, the emotion, the literary power of your novel in 500 words or less–impossible!

Ah, but is possible my friends.  It’s possible and can even be fun (if you enjoy mental torture like me).  To learn how to write a short synopsis, I took workshops, read books, and wrote a few drafts until I had a gleaming 1-page book summary.  And after all that practice, I realized I had my own method (built from the methods of my various teachers, of course), and I’m sharing that method with you here.

This looks VERY useful for synopsis writing, and might provide a helpful framework for the outlining stage as well!

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Hetalia Fanfiction Masterpost


Will be updated!

Main Fic

Feliciano Vargas, (Hopeful) Ambassador to Italy

Continuous One-shots

The Cop, the Mobster, and the Messengers (UsUk, DenNor, CanUkr, PruAus)

Dropping Like Flies (RusAme, SuFin, GerMano) (In progress! Send in prompts!)

Sticky Notes

Chief of Staff (GerIta, SwAus, PruHun, UsUk)


From the Soul

From Prompt

Prompts from People

Hijacked Ideas

Dialog Dash

Submitted (AUs from a Masterpost)

Submitted (AUs from the Heart)



Everyday at Five Reviews

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this is a result of me weeding thru beauty videos for years and years. these imo are the ones that are worth watching. most of these are recent. SO here is the lame makeup masterpost i’ve been promising :+)


beginners :

- v informative eyeshadow tutorial, eyeshadow blending

- foundation (full-coverage), flawless light foundation

- highlighting/contouring

- eyeliner and the differences b/t pencil, liquid, gel

- drugstore makeup starter kit, and another

- top 10 drugstore items for beginners


eyebrows :

- beautiful brows (brunette) ((these are the exact products and techniques i use)

- fierce brows for idiots (really good if you have dyed red hair and light brows)

- dirty blonde  

- blonde


foundation 101 :

- drugstore foundation routine

- flawless face

- foundation routine for cystic acne, and another

- how to cover blemishes/acne

- top 5 foundations, top 5 concealers

- best foundation all price ranges, best concealers all price ranges


eyeliner :

- winged liner help, and another, and another

- 9 different eyeliner looks

- 12 eyeliner variations

- best black drugstore eyeliners (if you’re looking for colored eyeliner, rimmel has an amazing eyeliner selection called scandaleyes and they’re around $3-$4, last all day, etc.)

- best eyeliners drugstore and high-end


lips :

- fall drugstore lipsticks

- top 10 mac lipsticks and dupes (mac lipsticks are my favorite)

- best pink lipsticks and how to choose the right shade, best red lipsticks and how to choose the right shade

- top 10 fall lipsticks

- best spring lipsticks

- best drugstore lipsticks for $3 and under

- how to apply dark lipstick

- best drugstore vampy lipsticks

- best nude lipsticks

- best natural lipsticks

- top 10 drugstore lip products


neutral/everyday makeup : 

- light high school makeup, heavier high school makeup

- "no makeup" makeup, and another

- everyday light makeup

- makeup for work

- neutral makeup look

- easy neutral men’s makeup

- day to night makeup for hooded eyes, smokey eyes for hooded eyes

- think liner and red lips 

- fall makeup, and another, and another (basically these are all light eyes and dark lips)

- drugstore fall makeup for dark skin

- winter makeup

- summer makeup, and another (drugstore) < this one’s kind of more colorful but natural enough for everyday 


colored and dramatic eyeshadow looks :

(not saying you can’t wear these everyday as well!!! you totally can/should)

- bright & colorful sunset eyes, and another 

- colorful summer makeup 

- black smokey eye w gold liner

- turquoise smokey eye 

- tropical look

- spring/summer blue look

- colorful pin-up makeup

- colorful spring makeup


awesome people to check out for more:

- rachel whitehurst

- essiebutton

- gossmakeupartist

- makeupbytiffanyd

- loeylane

- beautycrush

- lauren curtis

- wyatt smith


hope you enjoy/learn some things bc makeup really is art and i love it and even if you don’t wear makeup these videos are so interesting to watch 

(i might be adding a celebrity inspired makeup section if that sounds like something COOL to add)

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Organizing my ref tag 2.0


an updated version of this list with new and updated links.

Self defense 

Rape escape self defense video

Points to aim for when being attacked

Self defense tips

More self defense tips

Self defense tips from a cop

"Through a rapists eyes"

If you don’t want to give someone your number

Free safetrek app

Free kitestring app

Guide to street harassment 

Nail polish that detects date rape drug

Defender: pepper spray that sends pick of sprayed person to police

Necklace that will fake call your cell phone

Mental health

What to do when you are having a panic attack

What to do when someone is having a panic attack

Calm box

Suicide hotline with text 

Alternatives for self harm


Underwear designed for ftm’s

Trans followers know your rights

Bind kinder

Reproductive health 

Explaining Plan B

$10 off coupon for Plan B that doesn’t expire

At home HIV test


12 foods dangerous to dogs

Before adopting a bunny

How to find a lost dog

Animal live feeds


Advice for college freshman

Back to school masterpost 

Studying tips

Alternatives for buying text books

Productivity apps 

Write an essay


Writing masterpost

Some ideas for what to put in notebooks

Help with plot and title 

Can’t find the write word?


Writing advice

Thouh/ thee/ thine


Disney movie list

Movie masterpost

How it’s made episodes 

More movies

Movies for angsty teens


The Everything Post

How to become an adult 

Useful websites

More useful websites

Masterpost of masterposts

Vegan resources


Sex offender face recognition

Explanation of tv ratings

Free tampon samples

Don’t post pictures of your concert tickets

How to pack luggage 

Block an ip address from viewing your blog

Find a tv characters outfits

Play with legos online

Cool messanger

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I know no one wants to talk about the terrible reality that school is just around the corner. But I’m here to hopefully help, in this masterpost there will be many websites for clothing shopping, fast hair tutorials, tips and tricks for school, and much much more.

Read More

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ALS Ice Bucket Challenge famous partecipants masterpost:



Adam Sandler

Anna Kendrick

Anne Hathaway

Ashley Tisdale & Zac Efron

Ben Affleck (+Jennifer Garner)

Benedict Cumberbatch

Chris Colfer

Chris Evans

Chris Hemsworth

Colin O’Donoghue

Dianna Agron

Eddie Redmayne & Jamie Dornan

Ellen Pompeo, Jim Pickens Jr., Sara Ramirez, Kevin McKidd, Jesse Williams, Jessica Capshaw & Jerrika Hinton

Emma Stone

Ewan McGregor

Gwyneth Paltrow

Hugh Jackman, Garrett Hedlund, Rooney Mara & Levi Miller

Ian McKellen

James Franco

Jared Padalecki (+Jensen Ackles)

Joe Dempsie

Josh Dallas

Josh Hutcherson

Liam Hemsworth

Maisie Williams

Maiym Bialik (+Jim Parsons)

Matt Smith

Michael Raymond-James

Misha Collins (+Anaximander & Maison Marie Collins)

Neil Patrick Harris (+David Burtka, Gideon Scott & Harper Grace)

Nicole Kidman & Jason Bateman

Nina Dobrev

Pedro Pascal

Robert Carlyle

Robert Pattinson

Rose McIver

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sean Maguire & Robbie Kay

Sophie Turner

Tom Hiddleston

Vanessa Hudgens

Vin Diesel

Will Smith (+Willow Smith)

Zach Braff


Ciro Immobile

Cristiano Ronaldo

David Beckham

David Luiz

David Villa

Javier Mascherano

Josè Mourinho

Kakà (+Alexandre Pato)

Karim Benzema

Leo Messi

Marco Materazzi

Mesut Ozil

Michael Jordan

Mike Tyson


Rafa Nadal

Robin Van Persie (+Shaqueel & Dina Van Persie)

Samuel Eto’o

Stephan El-Shaarawy

Thiago Silva

Usain Bolt

Valentino Rossi

Wesley Sneijder


Andrea Bocelli

Britney Spears

David Archuleta

Demi Lovato

Justin Timberlake

Katy Perry

Lady Gaga


50 Cent


Bill Gates

Dwayne Johnson

George W. Bush (+Laura Bush)

Gwen Stefani, Gavin Rossdale, Jessica Alba & Nicole Richie

Mark Zuckerberg

Miley & Braison Cyrus

Oprah Winfrey

Shakira & Gerard Pique

Stephen King

Steven Spielberg

Taylor Swift & Jaime King

Tom Cruise & Chris McQuarrie

If you want to donate, go HERE, if you want to know more about ALS, go HERE.

If you want me to add other celebrities, if you know a link for a better quality of one of these videos or if you recognized some other celebrity in these videos that I couldn’t recognize, message me. The list is expanding and I accept your help!

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sorry i know i’m late and you’re all already back to school i suck i’m sorry!!! but it’s better late than never. am i right am i right? haha alright let’s get into it


  • jeans - ok jeans are like a life essential but having a nice pair goes a lot way because you can wear them literally all the time.. no one gives a fuck if you wear the same jeans everyday because everyone does it!!! i suggest a BDG pair and you all know i love them and they’re having a sale where they’re $39 right now!!!!!!! it’s a smokin’ deal i have a post about how much i love them and about the sale here. and if you’re like more into like name brand jeans for SUPER good quality and stability whatever i suggest paige jeans or rag & bone jeans!!!
  • basics - everything in the color, white, black, or grey. muscle tees, loose/fitted crop tops, henleys, halter tops, tank tops, oversized tees, whatever your little heart desires basic wise.. get it. it saves outfit lives because you can wear them 5.6 million different ways i am telling you
  • oversized tees/tops - k not only do you want them in basic colors you want them in like fun things too ok. i love the melrose swing tee from free people and urban has tons of oversized basic tops which i mention in my back to school vibes shopping cart post. i also love going to the mens section at buffalo exchange and picking out cool graphic tees that i can wear with cutoff shorts which brings me into the next bullet point
  • some cool graphic tees - i’m a fan of vintage band tees and harley davidson tees!! or just really funnny/stupid ones 
  • cut off denim shorts - they’re comfortable and easy to wear go with anything and i love the look it gives off when i wear an oversized tshirt and you can see like the frayed-ness of my shorts!!
  • rompers - they’re so easy.. you just put one on and your have your whole outfit. easy as that!! 
  • sensible pair of shoes - if you’re in college you’re gonna be hellllaaaa walking around!!! this all depends on you and your style be me personally a pair of high top white converse and a good pair of black ankle boots would do the trick because that is alllll i ever wear 
  • leggings/sweats - all about your preference!!! i like leggings better! perfect for the colder days of school because you can just slip on a pair with an oversized muscle tee and a flannel and some ankle boots and you look a little more ready rather than wearing sweats and a tshirt?? that’ what i think. and you’re still as comfortable as you would be wearing sweats
  • flannels - i like bringing flannels to class because classrooms are cold but it could be blazing hot outsized so you can always tie them around your waist when you get out! 
  • oversized cardigans - just to throw on and be cozy when going to class 
  • a few dresses - i never really dress up for school but sometimes it’s fun! i would just buy 2-3 dresses you really like to wear to school whenever you wanna dress up! 
  • jacket - if you go to college or a school where it has harsh cold weather like snow i would invest in a nice coat/jacket!!! i’m all about leather jackets. but peacoats are super cute too!!
  • bralettes - more like a life essential. i haven’t worn a padded bra in probably like idk like 8 months???? all about bralettes and urban and free people have perfect ones that are soooo comfy.
  • "going out clothes" - if you’re in college and wanna party/in a sorority or whatever i would get some dresses and skirts to go out in depending on how dressy the other girls dress when they go out!! and also get a good pair of heels that you can walk and last in!!!
  • a good purse - not sayin’ designer but a good sensible one you can throw all of your shit in!!! i’m not a backpack person which is why i’m saying purse haha.

this is gonna be a list of like personal style things that i think i need for school and more fashion forward than essential 

  • thigh high socks - my everything.. literally. they just take an outfit to the next level and keep your legs warm
  • sunglasses: if you’re going to college like wouldn’t you want to wear sunglasses while walking hella far to class? idk i would just get some cheap ones
  • workout clothes: for college kids who get to use the on campus gym!! but tbh i’m one of those people who wear cute workout clothes with nike frees just to wear it.. i just don’t go to the gym.. it just like looks like i did because i rolled out of bed.. and it’s super comfortable to shhhhh
  • hats - HATS ARE MY SHIT. i have to wear a hat like all the time. if you’re in high school this probably doesn’t apply to you?? at least when i went to school we weren’t allowed to wear hats. but wide brim hats… yes 
  • "other fashion forward items" - faux fur vest.. i’m so fucking about it would wear one everyday if i didn’t live in hell, jumpsuits, kimonos, belle bottoms, fun slip dresses (ie: free people “slip dresses” aka not really slip dresses but they’re super fun and cute), anything sheer,lace, leather or fringe